Since the conception of GitGuardian, we have been working to help developers keep source code secure. This started with scanning public repositories on GitHub and our offering has been growing ever since. In 2020 we released:

  • our internal monitoring product to be able to scan private repositories
  • added GitLab native integration,
  • launched our API
  • released our open-source CLI application GG-Shield

Now we are excited to be launching the next major development in our mission to keep code secure everywhere. We have just added Bitbucket native integration to GitGuardian Internal Monitoring product.

What is GitGuardian Internal Monitoring?
Our internal monitoring solution integrates into your current git version control system, upon installation it scans the entire git history and then scans every commit pushed to your repositories in real time. This ensures that any secrets mistakenly pushed to the repository will be immediately detected.

Currently this update does not include integration with Bitbucket cloud ( and will only be available to businesses using Bitbucket Server/Data Center, the self-hosted version of Bitbucket. But this means that companies running a Bitbucket Data Center can now easily integrate with GitGuardian with much superior flexibility in using it.

You can integrate GitGuardian with Bitbucket through two options:

  • Instance-level: to integrate to a full Bitbucket instance.
    Useful for installing GitGuardian throughout the entire company
  • Project-level: to integrate only certain Bitbucket projects within an entire Bitbucket instance.
    Useful for installing GitGuardian within a department of a company

The integration can be seen through the GitGuardian dashboard, if you want a demo of how this new feature will work for your organization, contact our sales team today

GitGuardian BitBucket integration
GitGuardian BitBucket integration

FAQ: Are you going to release GitGuardian integration for Bitbucket Cloud?

We are working hard to extend our offering to include native integration with Bitbucket Cloud. Releasing native integration with Bitbucket Server/Data Center is the first step on this path. We will be sure to keep you all updated with our progress.

Contact sales about BitBucket integration