GitGuardian now available on AWS Marketplace

Paris, France - March 6, 2023 - GitGuardian, the world leader in automated secrets detection, today announced the availability of its code security platform on AWS Marketplace. This new offering enables organizations using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to easily purchase and deploy GitGuardian licenses directly from the marketplace, streamlining the procurement process and simplifying the integration of GitGuardian into their cloud-native application protection suite.

GitGuardian’s code security platform scans public and private repositories hosted on platforms like GitHub, Azure DevOps, GitLab, and Bitbucket, DevOps tools, and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) configurations for exposed secrets such as API keys, private tokens, and database credentials. By detecting and alerting users to exposed secrets early, GitGuardian helps organizations tame the threat of secret sprawl and improve their software supply chain security posture.

“If a colleague in security at another company were to tell me that secrets detection isn’t a priority, I would tell him I highly recommend using GitGuardian’s platform. We have achieved outstanding results. Secrets detection is one of the top five priorities in a security program for any development. It defends the company’s interests and secrets.”

Igor Klyashchitskiy, Director of Development at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees

With the availability of GitGuardian on AWS Marketplace, organizations can easily access the SaaS version of the platform. This allows for a more comprehensive approach to code security, ensuring that potential weaknesses are pinpointed and fixed across all aspects of the development workflow.

“We are thrilled to make GitGuardian’s code security platform available on AWS Marketplace,” said Eric Fourrier, CEO of GitGuardian.

As more organizations adopt cloud infrastructure and DevOps workflows, it's important to ensure that code security is a top priority. With GitGuardian on AWS Marketplace, teams can easily integrate our platform into their existing software delivery chain and improve their overall security posture.

GitGuardian’s code security platform is available for purchase, in units of 25 licenses for developers each, on AWS Marketplace starting today. To learn more, visit GitGuardian’s AWS Marketplace listing.

*Secret: In software development, secrets generally refer to digital authentication credentials that grant access to systems or data. These are most commonly API keys, usernames, passwords, or security certificates.

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About GitGuardian

GitGuardian is the leader in automated secrets detection. The company has raised a $56M total investment from Eurazeo, Sapphire, Balderton, and notable tech entrepreneurs like Scott Chacon, co-founder of GitHub, and Solomon Hykes, co-founder of Docker.

GitGuardian Internal Monitoring helps organizations detect and fix vulnerabilities in source code at every step of the software development lifecycle. With GitGuardian’s policy engine, security teams can monitor and enforce rules across their VCS, DevOps tools, and infrastructure-as-code configurations.

Widely adopted by developer communities, GitGuardian is used by over 300 thousand developers and is the #1 app in the security category on the GitHub Marketplace. Leading companies, including Instacart, Snowflake, Orange, Iress, Mirantis, Maven Wave, Payfit, and Bouygues Telecom, also trust GitGuardian.

GitGuardian brings security and development teams together with automated remediation playbooks and collaboration features to resolve incidents quickly and thoroughly. Organizations can achieve higher incident closing rates and shorter fix times by pulling developers closer to the remediation process. Please visit the official website to learn more.