June 20, 2023 - Paris, France - GitGuardian, the leader in secrets detection, is proud to announce the recent appointments of three new key executives, Thierry Abaléa as VP Engineering, Matt Flechet as VP Sales and Gregory Leyne as VP People and Culture. With these strategic additions, GitGuardian has now completed its executive committee, positioning the company for accelerated growth and expansion.

GitGuardian is rapidly establishing itself as a solid scale-up in the cybersecurity industry. With a focus on enhancing its core offerings, GitGuardian introduced this year the groundbreaking GitGuardian Honeytoken and strategic partnerships with code security players like Snyk. The company's steady revenue growth and acquisition of large enterprise customers every quarter showcase its success. GitGuardian is actively recruiting in France and in the US to expand teams, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Thierry Abaléa joins GitGuardian as VP Engineering, bringing over 15 years of experience in leading high-performance engineering teams such as Alma. Prior to joining GitGuardian, Thierry held senior engineering roles at renowned technology companies such as Aircall, where he spearheaded the development of cutting-edge software solutions. With his deep technical expertise and leadership skills, Thierry will play a pivotal role in driving innovation and scaling GitGuardian's engineering capabilities.

Matt Flechet, as VP Sales, brings a wealth of experience in driving revenue growth and developing successful sales strategies both in the US and globally. Matt has a proven track record of leading sales teams and forging strong customer relationships within the cybersecurity industry at GitHub most recently. Matt, who is based in Chicago, is the first GitGuardian executive located in the US. He will be instrumental in expanding GitGuardian's US presence and driving customer acquisition.

Gregory Leyne assumes the position of VP People and Culture, leveraging his extensive background in talent management and organizational development. Throughout his career, Gregory has successfully cultivated positive work cultures and built high-performing teams within fast-growing organizations such as CybelAngel. With his passion for fostering employee engagement and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, Gregory will play a vital role in shaping GitGuardian's people strategy.

"We are delighted to welcome Thierry Abaléa, Gregory Leyne, and Matt Flechet to the GitGuardian family," said Eric Fourrier, CEO of GitGuardian. "Their exceptional expertise and leadership will be instrumental in propelling GitGuardian to new heights. With the addition of Thierry, Gregory, and Matt, our executive committee is now fully staffed, and we are well-positioned to execute our strategic vision of becoming the leading Enterprise Code Security Platform."

The executive committee comprises Eric Fourrier as CEO, Timothée d'Arco as COO, Carole Winqwist as CMO, Edouard Viot as VP Product, Thierry Abaléa as VP Engineering, Gregory Leyne  as VP People and Culture, and Matt Flechet as VP Sales. This diverse and experienced team will collaborate closely to drive GitGuardian's growth, enhance its product offerings, and expand its global footprint.

About GitGuardian

GitGuardian is a code security platform that provides solutions for DevOps generation. A leader in the market of secrets detection and remediation, its solutions are already used by hundreds of thousands of developers and is the number one security application on the GitHub market place.

GitGuardian helps developers, cloud operation, security, and compliance professionals secure software development and define and enforce policies consistently and globally across all systems.

GitGuardian solutions monitor public and private repositories in real-time, detect secrets, sensitive files, IaC misconfigurations, and alert to allow investigation and quick remediation. Additionally, GitGuardian's Honeytoken module exposes decoy resources like AWS credentials, increasing the odds of catching intrusion in the software delivery pipeline.

Gitguardian is trusted by leading companies, including Instacart, Snowflake, Orange, Bouygues Telecom, Iress, Maven Wave, NOW: Pensions, DataDog, and PayFit.

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