Welcome to 2024 and a new monthly feature here at GitGuardian, a comic strip called "Guardian Goofs." If you like it, please show it some love by hitting one of those "share" links below it. And check back on the first Thursday of each month for the newest "Goof."

A laptop sits in an inky black pool: A foul smelling liquid coming from your developer's laptop | A pipe with a rag tied around it, air and water escaping with a 'fwee' sound effect: A strange whistling sound when your developers push to main. | DVD packages with SaaS names on them like AWS and Stripe and a sign that says 3 for $5: Guy who used to sell DVDs on the corner is now selling your API keys. | Hand-drawn GitGuardian owl: *Or GitGuardian emails you about a secret of yours we found in a public repository.