Hi Alexandre! Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Yes, of course! Let's start from the beginning: after high school, I went to study human resources at an IUT and then management at the Montpellier IAE. At the time, I wasn't sure if I wanted to do recruitment, I was more interested in social management. However, I had the chance to go to Quebec for a year to do a more business-oriented master's degree. The courses were half in English and to perfect my skills I then decided to go to New York and then the UK where I worked as a general assistant - there I started doing recruitment but it wasn't the same as here!

After returning to France, I decided to pursue a path that combined business and recruitment by joining a recruitment firm. This is where I really started to learn the secrets of qualification: how to find candidates and pitch them effectively for the position.

I spent 3 years at this firm as a consultant specializing in HR, Payroll, Finance, and Purchasing, among other things. This is where I gained more experience, particularly from my colleagues who had significant seniority.

How did your first hear about GitGuardian?

Although at that time I was quite far from the world of start-ups, what I liked the most about working in a recruitment firm was the prospecting aspect. At one point I was contacted by a French scale-up that had the right words to pique my interest in this new world for me. It didn't work out, but I was recommended on Kommunity (a peer-to-peer recommendation platform) and from there I had my pick of the litter! But it was GitGuardian that stood out for several reasons.

What drew you to the company?

First of all, I really wanted an innovative company, not just "disruption" all over the place. Even though I had no technical background, I quickly understood the issue that GitGuardian was tackling and immediately got hooked.

I felt the atmosphere was both warm and serious when I first met Louise. The speed at which the recruitment process took place (just 3 weeks) was also a big green light: as a recruitment specialist, it was clear to me that if it was working well then the company must be in good shape.

What did you enjoy the most during your first month?

The tools, work methods, and thinking at GitGuardian are clearly some of the best in the business. I appreciated the responsiveness at all levels and the involvement of everyone in my own development. I realized that the company already had a good brand image among developers (I often hear the phrase "oh, I know what you're talking about!" when I talk to them for the first time). Ultimately, devs are not as difficult to recruit as people think! If we can capture their attention with a quality product and show that development is at the heart of the company, it's actually quite easy!

How did you manage to overcome imposter syndrome?

It's simple: I went all out from my first week! I immediately sought to meet as many profiles as possible: SRE, devs, understand the stacks, job descriptions, talk to as many people at GitGuardian (that's also very much appreciated, techies take the time to explain their job to non-technical people). I also learned new recruitment methods, which were all new to me. Anyway, I would say that the syndrome didn't last very long because I'm comfortable in fast-paced environments!

What would you say to someone who is considering joining GitGuardian? In particular, someone who has no experience in the tech industry?

In my opinion, the question to ask is "am I curious? Do I have an entrepreneurial spirit?" In my case, the answer to these two questions was clear. Today, if you are at all curious about what the future holds, you will inevitably end up working in tech. "Software is eating the world" as they say! Might as well get used to it quickly.

As a developer, what should you not do during an interview?

Even if developers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of soft skills, it is still important to remind them that these skills are essential. My personal advice is to never "skip" the first interview (first contact). I see a lot of technical profiles asking to meet a manager or lead right away, and that is a red flag! Making a good first impression with the Talent Acquisition Manager is important, as we always have a say in the recruitment process.

What would you say about the atmosphere in general in the company?

I was immediately surprised by the very serious atmosphere at GitGuardian, which is the opposite of the start-up stereotype of having beer-pong tournaments all the time. I would even say that the open spaces are calmer than what I was used to in my previous job. But that doesn't mean that it's boring! The Guardians also know how to have fun when it's appropriate. It's just very pleasant to work in such an environment. I would also say that the main quality that I noticed when I arrived here is sharing. I love intellectual stimulation, discovering new professions, and working in an environment like this is ideal.

Any hobbies?

I have two big hobbies: science fiction and sports! I do a lot of running and working out in the gym and I challenge myself. Since I can't be an astronaut, which is what I dreamed of as a child, I also do some diving. My dream would be to buy a boat and go diving and fishing all day long!

Thank you for your time!


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