Have you heard about canary (or honey) tokens? In his latest Security Zines, Rohit Sehgal explains what they are and how they offer a smart solution for implementing intrusion detection in any system.

Security Zines is a project led by Rohit Sehgal, Staff Security Engineer at Gojek. Check out his work at securityzines.com/#comics and give him a follow on Twitter @sec_r0 to see what he comes up with next!

We are also pleased to introduce ggcanary, the easiest way to create ready-to-disseminate AWS-based canary tokens.

ggcanary is a fully open-sourced project using Terraform to manage your canary tokens infrastructure. Using well-known AWS components, it is ready to be deployed in minutes.

  • Use Terraform to manage canary tokens infrastructure
  • Deploy up to 5,000 canary tokens on your perimeter
  • Track every action with AWS CloudTrails logs
  • Get real-time email alerts when canaries are triggered

Start now! Create your first canary token with ggcanary...

Canary tokens can be used everywhere on your infrastructure to lure attackers:

  • Source control systems (Git repositories)
  • CI/CD systems
  • Internal registries & package managers
  • Production environments
  • Other places in the supply chain

Want to learn about supply chain attacks and why intrusion detection can prove useful?

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We are happy to announce the release of our latest open-source project, ggcanary, the GitGuardian Canary Tokens, to help organizations detect intrusion in their developer and DevOps environments.
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