Hardening Your Kubernetes Cluster - Threat Model - GitGuardian Blog
The NSA and CISA recently released a guide on Kubernetes hardening. We’ll cover this guide in a three part series. First, let’s explore the Threat Model and how it maps to K8s components.
Hardening Your Kubernetes Cluster - Guidelines - GitGuardian blog
In this second episode, we will go through the NSA/CISA security recommendations and explain every piece of the guidelines.
Kubernetes Security Tutorial: Pods
Get a deeper understanding of Kubernetes Pods security with this first tutorial.
Kubernetes Hardening Tutorial: Network
How to achieve Control Plane security, true resource separation with network policies, and use Kubernetes Secrets more securely.
Kubernetes Hardening Tutorial Part 3: Authentication, Authorization, Logging & Auditing
Learn how to set up an AWS EKS cluster with Terraform and leverage best practices to configure roles, service accounts, logging, and auditing with useful tools.