How to Create and Use Honeytokens: Step-by-Step Instructions
Learn how to create, test and deploy GitGuardian honeytokens to detect security breaches, strengthen supply chain security, and prevent code leakage. Find out where to place honeytokens to effectively deceive attackers and protect your assets.
Honeytoken: Your Ally to Detect Supply Chain Intrusions.
What if you could detect intrusions and code leaks in your software supply chain? Introducing GitGuardian Honeytoken, the solution that protects your software supply chain against potential intrusions on SCM systems, CI/CD pipelines, software artifact registries, and more.
The Significance of Honeypots and the Rise of Honeytokens
Discover the roles and risks of honeypots and honeytokens in cybersecurity with this article. Understand how they work, the benefits they bring to your security strategy, and the precautions needed to avoid potential pitfalls.
How to Secure Your SCM Repositories with GitGuardian Honeytokens
Protect your code and secure your repositories with honeytokens. Learn how to create and add these digital traps to your SCM repositories and how GitGuardian helps you stay alert to potential threats. Read on for best practices and tips to make the most out of honeytokens.
How to Secure Your CI/CD Pipelines with GitGuardian Honeytokens
Discover how honeytokens, digital decoys designed to detect unauthorized access, can strengthen the security of your CI/CD pipelines. In this guide, we offer step-by-step instructions for integrating them into popular pipelines like Jenkins, GitLab, and AWS CodePipeline.
How to Secure Your Container Registries With GitGuardian’s Honeytoken
Discover how to enhance the security of your container registries using honeytokens. Learn the steps to secure Docker Registry, GitHub Container Registry, and GitLab Container Registry with honeytokens. Strengthen your DevOps pipeline and protect your valuable assets.
How to Secure Your IaC and Configuration Management Tools with GitGuardian’s Honeytoken
It is important to secure environments with intelligent solutions. GitGuardian Honeytoken can help protect your IaC and Config Management tools.
Honeytokens - Protect your SDLC’s Holy Grail!
When protecting your SDLC, you must choose. But choose wisely. For as the True Grail will bring you life. The False Grail will take it from you.
Intrusion Detection Through Cyber Deception: Disrupting Attacks With An Active Defense
Misleading attackers to trigger alarms can stop them in their tracks and keep damage to a minimum. Honeytokens, like the ones you can make with GitGuardian Honeytoken, let you easily set such traps.
How To Secure Your CI/CD Pipeline
After CircleCI breach, it is a good moment for any team relying on CI/CD infrastructure to review their pipeline security as there are some steps they can take to be proactive.
GitGuardian at AppSec Village: Honeytokens for the blue team
GitGuardian was part of AppSec Sandbox at RSA, put on by AppSec Village. Learn about our blue team exercise that used honeytokens to find and boot an attacker.
How We Built a Supply Chain Security Watchtower: Meet SaaS-Sentinel
SaaS-Sentinel is a free monitoring platform that notifies users when their favorite tool might be under attack, helping them stay on top of supply chain risks. Here is the full story of this innovative project that seeks to democratize the use of honeytokens. Join the adventure today!